BreakerBots (FRC 5104) - 2023 Build Thread

Hello World! The BreakerBots are back! We are excited to join the #openalliance once again for the 2023 season! Our hope is to help out as many teams as we can with our knowledge and foster cooperation between teams.

Our programming division has greatly improved since last season, and has managed to create BreakerLib, our new and robust team library. Updates will be posted with the #breakerlib tag, and we hope you look forward to it!

Our CAD team has gained many new members, and has thus implemented a new system for maximum efficiency: The Brigade System! Each CADder will have their own subsystem to build and design, with our head CADders overseeing the designs and giving final approval. A similar analogue to this system is how restaurants are managed, with specialized chefs all managed under a leading sous chef. Our models, along with documentation and an explanation of our design process, will be posted to Chief Delphi in the near future.

Whenever we get the chance, we also plan to post videos and images of us prototyping and testing our mechanisms, alongside any other photos we take. Feel free to reach out to our team on the Open Alliance Discord server to discuss design ideas and prototypes. Interesting discussions are always nice!

Our team is based out of Pacific Grove High School in Pacific Grove, California. We have lost many seniors :sob:, but we haven’t lost our hope! We only got a few freshmen, though they are quite promising assets to our team. Our code team has arisen from the ashes and has a very promising future in BreakerLib. Our CAD team has gained many new members, and will hopefully rise to the challenge of this FRC season. Our mechanical team is strong as ever, having gained multiple new machinists and plenty of rookies to help out. Alas, we only have one dedicated electrician. :disappointed:

We can do this! We’ll compete at the following regionals:

  • Central Valley Regional (Week 2)
  • Monterey Bay Regional (Week 5)

Be sure to visit our website to get access to our previous code and CAD, and get to know us better as a team! Thank you!


For more information on BreakerLib, here’s our dedicated announcement thread: BreakerBots (FRC 5104) - BreakerLib Announcement Thread

Team 5104, the BreakerBots 2023 Week 1 Update

Despite bad weather and power outages, we have had a very productive and successful first week in the Charged Up competition. Historically, we have had a 3 robot development cycle. The first robot being a plan drivetrain chassis, the second robot being our minimum viable product, which we could take to competition if the need arises. Our third robot is our final design, with refinements from the previous robot. We have begun to make decisions on what we want our robot to do, and we are currently in the prototyping/designing phase of various options for our subsystems. We have decided on a small form factor (currently 26" by 26", subject to change) with a swerve drive train, this being our first year attempting a swerve drive robot. Our main engineering challenge is how and when to pick up and manipulate the primary game pieces. We have considered options to orient cones as they are picked up, and others that intake cones and orient them within our robot’s frame. One other area that we have put focus in is how our robot will contribute to our alliance, such as whether we want to place game pieces during the autonomous period, or if we want to drive onto and balance the charge station. Our current goal is flexibility to accommodate the needs and abilities of the other robots on our alliance. We hope this update is useful, and we hope to see what other teams have been up to in this first week.

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