Breaking in banebot motors

Hi all, as we are getting ready to start the build season i was wondering about different ways to increase speed and efficiency in the brushed drill motors. one way i have heard is from the RC car guys, running the motors for a short time in distilled water so that the brushes wear more evenly. Was wondering if anyone has tried this and what your results were. I am also looking at any ways to increase speed and efficiency.
thanks in advance.

I don’t know about the bane bots motors, but some teams did this with the Tetrix minibot motors in 2011.

Running them in air will do the trick as well.

Better than motors is to run in your gearboxes. Or both, as a pair.

We start with about 2 Amperes, gradually increasing voltage to maintain 2A. Once it gets to 12 volts or so, we reverse it and repeat. Then we disassemble, clean and re-grease the gearbox. Done.