Breaking in new Cylinders

When we got our brand new cylinders from Bimba, we found them to be so stiff, they would not allow our catapult to retract via gravity.
So, with a couple of extra parts from around the shop, and a little code on my Arduino Nano, we got thissimple cylinder exerciser.

I assume you mean “not”

Did you find this helped?

Thanks Nathan. Corrected it.

Yes it helped tremendously.

Have you tried lube? There are plenty of lubricants that would probably help you out.


Wouldn’t that violate R76?

I’m not sure that it would, but we have no plans on doing that.

All pneumatic COMPONENTS must be used in their original, unaltered condition. Exceptions are as follows:

tubing may be cut, wiring for pneumatic devices may be modified to interface with the control system, assembling and connecting pneumatic COMPONENTS using the pre-existing threads, mounting brackets, quick-connect fittings, etc., removing the mounting pin from a pneumatic cylinder, provided the cylinder itself is not modified, labeling applied to indicate device purpose, connectivity, functional performance, etc.

Do not, for example, paint, file, machine, or abrasively remove any part of a pneumatic COMPONENT – this would cause the part to become a prohibited item. Consider pneumatic COMPONENTS sacred.

Additionally, according to Bimba,

Original Line® Air Cylinder
The newly redesigned “Blue and Improved” Original Line® air cylinder now features permanent grease lubrication. This product line includes standard air cylinders, three-position air cylinders, MRS air cylinders, non-rotating air cylinders, and PC air cylinders. Design enhancements to this line have more than doubled the anticipated service life of this industry-leading, non-repairable family of air cylinders.