Breaking news from Team 1073! and are inactive for the time being, due to an act of terrorism and undeniable warfare of a thoroughly deplorable nature committed by one Osama bin Raccoon on the data lines leading to our server.

Our current information seems to suggest that the aforementioned nefarious Raccoon infiltrated the third floor of the top secret webhosting facility where our state-of-the-art website is hosted. After quickly glancing around the attic, he gnawed through the CAT-5 cables with his pointy teeth (GNAW!). This took down not only our sites, but also the network.

Pictures of the devastation should be available soon. In the meantime, please bear with us as we fight back against this Mammal of Mass Destruction.

From the Traveling Web Center of Team 1073

Sevaa is still donating hosting…

Is this a clever way to say you accidentally let your pet gnaw on networking?

Or just that your site is down?

I can’t tell what is the funny part and what is the…err… not-quite-funny part?

It’s all true. A raccoon really did break into the attic of the ISP and gnawed through the ethernet cables to our server, which is sitting in a closet in that attic.

Ben and Tim April are working on getting it up right now.


LOL, that’s hilarious. did you catch the villain?

Man, that would make a killer April Fool’s joke.

Wow. I never knew ethernet cables were so tasty :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck fixing it all. I guess it would be safe to say improving physical security is suddenly higher on your list of priorities than improving electronic security now? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m told that the electromagnetic fields attract small furry animals.

The physical security of my server is a such:

It on a metal shelf behind a shut closet door on the third floor of a 200 year old house that doubles as an ISP.

The kitchen is used for wood storage.
The master bedroom, for rug storage.

The ceiling of the attic is partially collapsed. My old boss sleeps on a mattress in the closet on his old volition.

There is the upper computer graveyard and the lower computer graveyard.

The server racks double as knife racks, but we all obey the rule “no blood on the carpet”.

The backup generator is finicky, because there is a 50 percent chance it sits in a ankle deep puddle of water.

On the bright side, access to a T3.

I loved working there, and would not have worked at any other ISP. Anything else would be boring.

We fixed it today! Some pictures…
The cluster.

Ye Olde Chewed Wire


p.s. the things you can seek stacked above our server include a UPS and 3 Akamai boxes. MMMM…Googlecache Racoonfood.