Breast Cancer Walk

I’m doing a walk with my friend to raise money for Breast Cancer. It will be a three-day sixty mile walk from Lexington to Boston. I need to raise at least 1,900 dollars for the event. I was wondering if anyone in the FIRST community would be interested in helping me out in this cause to save some lifes. I’m only a high school senior but I want to make a difference in this world any way I can, both my friends and my families have been touched by the devastations of breast cancer. If anyone is willing to help me out on my journey you can e-mail me at [email protected] or to discover more about what I am doing or to make an on-line donation check out . Thank you and I hope you can help me to help others!

-Pamela George

Instructions for an online donation:

*Click on the Avon Breast Cancer 3-Day
*At the top of the page in the blue strip click on Make An Online Donation
*Select Avon Breast Cancer 3-Day - Boston- 2002

  • My first name is Pamela and last name is George , my walker number is 5625
    *Select my name and press continue
    *Fill out necessary info, then continue
    *Select level of donation, do not feel obligated to give any certain amount, everything is appreciated, no matter how big or small, press continue
    *Enter payment details then print your confirmation page!
    *Smile and be happy you’re helping someone in need! (let me know you donated so that way I can thank you also!)

Hey Pammie,
I’m in for $100. I have several dear friends who are fighting through breast cancer right now - thanks for working for them.

Thank you Randy! I appreciate your donation. I wish I could do more then just raise money for the cause, $1,900 is pretty hard to raise though… I’m not quite there yet… But just hearing from people how they are grateful for what I’m doing makes it all worth it.
If anyone else wants to donate, there is still time, no matter how big or small every little bit helps! I’m sure all of you could spare $5.00 to save a life, its not alot to spend to help someone and together our $5.00 or $50.00 or $100.00 will add up and will make a big difference!