Brecoflex recommendations

Our team was looking through the Brecoflex catalog and need a little advice. Can anyone give us tips on Brecoflex tread that is good on carpet and mesh? We are tank drive without omni wheels so we don’t want to be too good on carpet.

Supergrip and Mini-grip are designed for inclined conveying so they should be good on the ramp. We used Supergrip last year, but it doesn’t turn very well on carpet.

If you are thinking about using these belts you better be ready to do a lot of testing. We have use Brecoflex for the past 8 years. I have seen other teams use them to see them fail. The supper grip is very-very sticky last year we ripped 4 tracks.

The reason was to much power. So if you are using those tracks beware of it’s limits. I would hate to see you leave a belt on the rug. If was not fun seeing ours on the rug in half. The red tracks worked the best becasue it does give a little. The tracks would slip before ripping.

Have fun on playing with these belt and they do cost some money for them.

did the red get dirty and stop being sticky

By rip do you mean
-the belt breaks in half length wize

  • it ripps width wize
  • the backing comes off