Brecoflex website issue

I googled “Brecoflex belting” to get a quote on their belting material and the website immediately told me I did not have spyware software installed and started to “scan” my computer. Well, that diodn’t sit well with me and I immediately closed out of IE.

I HIGHLY suggest you do not try to contact Brecoflex through the web…Does anyone have a phone number for them . They need to know there website has been hijacked.

I found the same thing. Mysteriously their website was working again last night. And now it is hacked again.

Doubled sided fan belts are at: once the website is working again.

if you go directly to their site you can get there… the google link has been hijacked. I have called brecoflex and informed them of the issue and they are contacting google about it… their phone number is (732) 460-9500 and their hours are 8 to 5 est

Thanks for the info because we were having the same problem as well!

is it just me or is it some what comical that we rely on Google so much that we cant type the address ourselves