Brennon's Miscellaneous Statistics Projects

Over the past several months, I’ve been working on several cool statistics projects to help automate scouting and strategy for 6844. For one reason or another, they never ended up being something that I had time to really develop or polish. There might be some mistakes and other things might not be super clear.

However, my hope is that this will be of benefit to the rest of the CD community and help initiate a broader discussion on statistical analysis.

statistics-projects.pdf (205.6 KB)

Jupyter Notebooks:
analyzing-high-dimensional-component-opr.ipynb (69.1 KB)
estimating-opr-variance.ipynb (22.4 KB)
how-much-data-should-we-collect.ipynb (74.7 KB)

Note: Special thanks to @Brian_Maher, @jtrv, @Kevin_Leonard, @KrazyCarl92, @tjf, and others who entertained my crazy ideas. Their feedback was instrumental.