Bridge angle?

Does anyone know the angle that the bridge makes with the ground when it is lowered?

Nope…but it’s probably related to it’s center height of 12" and the distance from the edge to the center of 44". That and a little trig will get you withing a degree or two?

I believe it was 15 degrees, but yeah, just take the arcsine (alternatively, the chamfer on the bridge pieces is also indicative of this angle).

The angle is somewhere in the neighborhood of 16.5 degrees.

The problem I was having is that the bridge doesn’t rotate on a central axle, it tips on a block underneath of it.

Yup, so it’s a little steeper. The hypotenuse at the 12" height is actually less than 44", and the amount less is hard to figure out in my head…I’d have to make a sketch…

or put a protractor on the bridge we made

Ideally it’s 15.38 degrees, but in the past, measurements of height of game field objects have been made from the floor, before the rug is laid down. Either way, it’s in the realm of 15 degrees.