Bridge Assembly Confusion

So using the blueprints that FIRST gave us, we got confused when it came to making the “rails” that go along the ramp. According to the field set up videos, the rails are small, only about 2 inches in height. But the blueprints, Assembly Steps 4 and 5 [page 20 of the 2012 Team Drawings.pdf], show a rail (referred to as a “pinch guard”) that is 26 inches tall, 14 inches above the ramp when it is level. Is there anything that we are missing? Have any other teams had this problem? What should we do?

Those pinch guards were probably added to keep students safe near practice ramps. If you want to be closer to true field ramps, I would omit these guards. Just keep everyone clear when the ramps are in use or when someone might step onto the ramp.