Bridge Battle

Does anyone have pictures/videos/results/details from the Baltimore Bridge Battle Competition???

Thank you.

I’d like to see some too. We played FTC this year, but I haven’t seen the Bridge Battle game played. Is it good?

I’ve heard it’s good but there aren’t any local events. There is one but, it may be cancelled.

I hope there are local events next year. I did FVC for two years and loved it. I think it’s part of the reason I decided I want to pursue engineering. I’ve already convinced a high school around here to start an FTC team next year that I would help mentor, but they already bought Vex stuff to get ready and I don’t want to change anyway. If there are local Vex events next year, then we’re doing that. I wish FIRST would change their mind. Vex is really cool, pretty inexpensive compared to all other options out there, and just seems perfect for us to use in a classroom.

If you are looking for Bridge Battle Competitions check out

There are still 12 BB competitions left before the World BB comp.

Sorry ttl, but unfortunately, we’ve had to postpone the Georgia Bridge Battle for this year. We lost our facility from under us and we are pretty exhausted from the FTC and FRC season we just finished.

We will be hosting an off-season Bridge Battle competition probably in June. Stay tuned to this channel and for more information.

Mannie Lowe

OK, thank you for the update. I’ll forward this to any other teams i know. Thank you.

Now that is useful. Thanks for the link. I didn’t know there were all those different programs out there, plus lots with events in our area. Seems strange we’re having to pick between Vex and FTC, when we were all excited to be doing Vex in FTC. Thanks for the link though, that helps us know what’s going on in our area and state.