Bridge Configuration problem

When trying to configure our bridge using the Bridge Configuration Utility we get the following error : Failed to change IP address.

Our bridge is connected to the computer. All wireless networks have been disabled. We can’t seem to find any trouble shooting information for the bridge. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks

It sounds like you might be running the program from a user account with limited privileges. Try running it as an administrator.

(The other possibility is that your computer is set to a language other than English and is confusing the configuration tool, but that’s not likely here.)

Thank you for your response. However i am on a admin account and it’s definitely in English.

What brand of computer are you using? Some manufacturers include a “helpful” utility that tries to make network settings “easy” for inexperienced users, and that might be keeping your network interface from being controlled by the configuration tool.

We are using a lenovo ThinkPad, running windows 7. Thanks

Lenovo is one of the manufacturers that uses their own network management software.