Bridge Configuration Utility not available in suite?

Our team has had trouble finding the Bridge Configuration Utility and the roboRIO Imaging Tool and we wanted to know if it was only us or everyone and if it is just us how we could find it and download it. We downloaded the Update Suite, and did the install. We even get the folder for the Bridge Configuration Utility showing up, but the actual Configuration Utility isn’t coming up, only a text file. Thanks!

For some reason they didn’t include it this year and you have to download and install it separately. Probably because of the whole new radio thing or something. You can find it here

The roboRIO Imaging Tool can be found under
C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2015\project\roboRIO Tool

Leave it where it is, but create a shortcut on the desktop for easier access.

Was there a new update for the RIO? When I fired up the utility, I only saw the 2015 rev23 image.

Make sure you’ve installed the 2016 update and are in the LabVIEW 2015 folder. You should see 2016v19.

I think I might have forgotten to completely unzip the update. I think I stopped because it wanted my password so I put in the same password I used to open the downloader, and it didn’t work(the serial number in the KoP).

The encryption key for the update is the one from the kickoff video: @Ahead)Together!FRC^2016

Thanks a million, Klone38 and Mark McLeod!