Bridge Lowering Device??

So our team has prioritized our goals and to be honest, the bridge lowering device was on the last of our list after practicing. Our thought was if we can’t shoot then we’re not as effective on the team, and if we coordinate with another team member we can piggy back on their getting on the bridge.

THe question is: is there a huge problem with not having a bridge lowering device?

We do understand that being self sufficient is good, but as I mentioned it was on our low end of the priority list. We can still add a mechanism, during our waiting and include it to our hold back.

Your thoughts?

Eh, it wouldn’t feel right attending a competition and not being able to handle each aspect of the game independently.

What we did was hook up the andymark motor with the planetary gear on it with a flexible collar on it to lower and raise a ram I can show pics tomorrow

Yeah, it’s kind of what’s bugging me. We’ll see what we can do. We’re pretty close to the weight limit but I believe we’re ok.

Thanks, we’re already using that motor/gearbox tho. We’ve got some ideas but didn’t get to them.

It would be nice, but at this point, focus on what you have and improve on the bot. If you absolutely need something to do and are done (which, if you do, I envy you), then do some research - you’ll be surprised at how simply you can lower the bridge, and get on it. But that’s an extreme scenario.

I’d say that it’s not necessarily required to lower the bridge, but it would obviously be advantageous. If your shooter can reach the other side, then you do not have to cross the bridges. However, the balls they return will be injected into the other side, so unless you have a team member passing them to you (which reduces efficiency) you will only be able to shoot the few that migrate to your side, or those that are scored on you.;

Short answer: Yes.

If you can just cross the bump, then the bridge is very much optional.

Except for endgame points

The Suffield Shakedown scrimmage appears to indicate the endgame is really important. Most matches I watched on the webcast could have been (or were) changed by a single robot balancing.

Not gonna stay that way, though. Week 0 events aren’t known for everyone being fully functional.

Not having a bridge lowering device wouldn’t be terrible, so long as you could drive over the barrier and get on the bridge at the end of the match with the help of fellow alliance members. Not having one isn’t going to be the end of the world. XD

An that was/is our original goal. We were hoping to piggyback onto the ramp with a teammate it’s not like two can use the lowering device and we imagine most teams will only do two robots per bridge (usually). We will work on it after bag and tag and add it afterwards. We’ll do a nice engineering study on maximizing force and minimizing weight since we’re about 10lbs shy of 120.

Our bridge lowering device broke during week zero matches so our driver took it upon himself to endo onto the bridges for final balancing… needless to say he drives like he stole it :smiley: