Bridge port/Access Port

Hey there! My name is Alen from team 3000 in Louisville KY. We are in the process of wiring up our robot and its been a while since I’ve messed with any of the hardware. With it being the 2015 and all new hardware and nothing being the same, on the “Control System Layout” it shows the d-link being usb’d in, but theres no usb on the router, am i going crazy? Can someone help shine some light?

Thanks !

We’re still using the same router as last year, the little white D-link box.

Same here. The roboRio is connected via an EtherNet cable to the Bridge/Access Point.

Can you provide a link to the documentation that shows the dlink connected via USB.

There’s this image which is labelled as “prelimminary”.

Yeah! That’s the one, it really threw me off. We got it sorted out and then next is to just setup the wireless with our driver station. But hardwired with an Ethernet cord our motors wouldn’t move. We tried the “default” program, but it didn’t do a thing. We have the talon motor controllers and the cim motors (8.45:1). We were just messing around with all the new stuff and if there’s any insight anyone can give me or a standard checklist so that way I can break down where the initial problem is.

Its an earlier version of the control system layout, thanks to testing by the Alpha and Beta teams, we have a more stable control layout now.

Use the directions provided here to assemble your control system:
(I recommend not looking at the schematic, and instead following all the steps and directions as they are described, there a quite a few tips embedded in the document)

Thanks man! Ill send it to the lead programmer!

All the specific instructions are in the document linked above, but just as a summary, radio power to the VRM from the port with the bright yellow “radio power” sticker on it, and ethernet to the ethernet port on the RoboRio.