bridge/router comunication

My team has the first router that came in the 2009 KoP, and now also the new D-link bridge. I setup the bridge, and reimage the cRio, but now i cant comunicate them.

should i setup something on the old router?


The old router and game adapters should not be used in 2011. The new D-Link router you received in the KOP replaces both the game adapter and router. The Classmate now connects directly to the D-Link router on the robot.

Read the “How to Configure Your Radio” manual here:

I read this manual but i didnt understand it. How do i use one D-link to conect the pc with the robot? will i use the classmate wireless board to conect with the bridge (that will be in the robot)?!

by the way i dont have the classmate anymore! im using one pc as driver station…

Your Driver’s Station laptop connects directly to the wireless network broadcast by the D-Link router on the robot.

Check the last two pages of the radio configuration guide under the heading “Configure a Radio for Access Point Use.” Steps #1 and #6 are very important:

  1. Switch your D-Link unit to AP mode using the switch on the back
  2. Change the 802.11 Band to 2.4Ghz

Then simply connect your Driver’s Station to the wireless network being broadcast by the D-Link router on the robot.

Its working! Thanks!