Bring back VENTURES!

So I am aware that everyone is very into Fantasy FIRST now, which is awesome! I haven’t gotten into it, but its just not my things.

However some of you may remember from the 2003 season Brandon and I believe Dr. Joe came up with the Ventures system for the website. It was awesome! Basicly you picked different teams to win different awards, then you had a set amount of points to start with, you be those points on the awards however you wanted and then it set odds like a booky would, if your bet won, then you got the payout back into your points, which you could use to bet on the next round of events.
If you want to check out Some threads about ventures, there was alot of discussion back in the day about them.

So onto my point, I would love to see a return of this system, in addition to whatever FantasyFIRST system we have. I’m more of a gamblin man and I know that I and some other people had alot of fun with this sytem. However it was one of the first things to go whenever there was server problems, so with our new server we can have all sorts of fun stuff like this because it can handle the load.

So Mr. Martus I know your a busy busy man, coming up with all sorts of new and exciting little goodies for us, but if you find the time, maybe dig this one outa the archives and maybe we can have some fun in time for the ultimate Offseason, IRI.