Bring your hardhat.....................

Posted by Ed Sparks at 04/02/2001 8:48 PM EST

Engineer on team #34, The Rockets, from Bob Jones High / New Century High and DaimlerChrysler.

I just spoke to my sister who lives in Orlando. Seems that they had a bad storm a day or two ago and it blew down some of the tent complex for FIRST sending several to the hospital. Anybody know the forcast for this weekend?


Posted by Andrew Rudolph at 04/02/2001 9:05 PM EST

Student on team #168, Charger-Lightning Robotics, from North Miami Beach/Michael Krop Senior High School and NASA Kennedy Space Center/Cordis/HPE Automation.

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Posted by Ed Sparks on 04/02/2001 8:48 PM EST:

Well here in miami it has been beautiful the last 2 days, a few days ago we had bad storms, hopefully it will be as nice as it is here up in orlando(70’s-80’s)

Posted by Rick at 04/03/2001 12:00 PM EST

Other on team #21, ComBBAT, from Astronaut/Titusville HS and Boeing/NASA.

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Posted by Andrew Rudolph on 04/02/2001 9:05 PM EST:

I have been in touch with the National Weather Service in Fla (where we live 40 miles from Epcot) And have made a special request for beautiful weather. So bring your sun screeen and dark shades its going to be GREAT!!! weather. I love doing the weather if your wrong you still get to keep your job. But i will not be wrong. Good Luck to all and see you at Epcot save travel to all

Posted by Carolyn Duncan at 04/03/2001 8:11 AM EST

Student on team #495, The Pack, from Jamestown High School and VBEP/Raytheon/Saic.

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Posted by Ed Sparks on 04/02/2001 8:48 PM EST:

I read on the internet that the weather is supposed to be mostly sunny highs in the 80’s range. Which means that it will rain around 2 om most days. That’s just from being in florida, personal observations. I hope the people in the hospital are ok. C-ya all there.
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