Bringing in boxes on Wednesday 6PM

Hello all,

Sorry for the rookie question, but inquiring minds want to know. Is bringing in our team equipment on Wednesday night allowed or do we need to wait until Thursday morning. We don’t want to set up, just drop off. Thanks.

yes it is, our team will be there as well setting up, stop by if you need any help

bring in whatever you want. just can’t work on the bot or set up you pit displays or anything until Thursday morning.

Check this out:

You may not setup your pit. It’s for unloading, uncrating, and early registration only.

From the Essential Info document found on FIRST Championship Event page

Registration and Uncrating:
Hours: Wednesday, 6-9 p.m. and/or Thursday, 8 a.m. to noon.
Uncrating: Three (3) members, one must be an adult, from each team can uncrate. Each person must
bring safety glasses for the process, and we recommend wearing gloves. When your crate is empty, go to
the Shepard Exposition Services (drayage) desk to get a color-coded “Empty” sticker to put on your crate.
To Register: Form odd and even-numbered team lines for each division.
Release Forms: If team members have attended a Regional competition event and handed in a Release
Form, they do not have to do it again. Only those attending this as their initial 2006 competition event
must provide one. Team members under 18 must have a parent/legal guardian’s signature on the form.

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You cannot setup your pit or perform any work on your robot prior to Thrusday opening of the pits.


Last year, you were only allowed to enter the building once, meaning when if you left, you weren’t ablt to get back in. In other words, you weren’t able to make several trips back and forth from the pits to your bus or other transportation to get all ur stuff in.

I don’t know if this will be different this year.

Same this year.

So…bring only as much stuff as 3 peoples can deal with at once, eh? Thanks for the info!