British Team

I’m Tom and i’m pretty sure im the only member of a british team signed up to this so if anybody wants to get in touch about anything or if u met us at the chesapeake regional let me know.
From your friend from across the pond

Welcome to Delphi, Tom. There are actually a few regular contributors from the UK. Hope you enjoy your tournament.

Hey, you might know me. I was the 237 programmer that practically lived at your pit on Thursday at Chesapeake :smiley:

Yup, I’m also in the UK. I’m on Team 759 which has been going to NYC since 2002. Our alliance were runners-up there this year. We’re based in Cambridge, Cambs. Would you know our former team member Stephen Denman by any chance?

By the way, you might want to look at, I had to go on what I heard from Denman and FIRST for your team name so I think it’s mentioned as Doncaster Aim Higher or something… Feel free to correct it and write up your teams page. Simply type the team number into the search bar and you’ll find it.

I seem to have underestermated the power of the uk i forgot about the cambridge guys.

You’ve actually met me, i came up for your kick off event, but due to university commitments didn’t manage to get up there nearly enough.

congrats at the regional. Im adam from 2546 “electric sheep”. I think we teamed with u once. were u the one with the red and white england flag tied around u ? U may have seen me. i had ramones, dead kennedys, and misfit patches on my jacket. I hoped u liked it here, I dont. Good luck at other competitions, and anarchy in the U.K!!!

hey tom has your team ever been to the lone star regional??

Team 1884 the Griffins were at Lone Star in 2006. We met them there and this year they came to Florida. We have a blast with them. Got to have lunch with them every day!!!

that was the year of the ball shooter right???
cuz if it is i think i met them to, their really kool people to know