Britts (759) need help.

Hi, as you all know the British team is back again this year and raring to go. The problem is there ar no Walmarts or Target’s in England so hence there are no Bins that are ready available.
I dont have much hope for the 2 being Fedexed to them with the kit getting there in one piece, so I just bought the last 8 in Connecticut and air mailed them by Post so they would have some to work with. The problem is I could only afford to send them 8, the bins were cheap but the postage by air was outrageous.
So if some of you teams out there have an extra couple of bins and a few $$$ to ship them one or two they would be grateful.
Normaly I wouldnt ask but Air mail from the USA to England for large objects like this is too much. It would have been great if we knew befor and then we could have sent a couple of dozen weeks ago by boat, now it would take to long.
If you can help then Thanks in advance. Send to:
Dave Massey at Hills Road Sixth Form college,
Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 2PE England

That, my trans atlantic freind, is definitly a bummer. I wonder if FIRST thought of our international friends from europe?
Well, i’ll see if i can help u out,maybe i’ll convince my team to spare one or two. I’ll post back in this threas with an answer…

That’s awful! you would think that FIRST would have thought of this problem arising and have found a way to work around it because it definately sets you guys at a temporary disadvantage…hopefully with a little help that will only be very temporary though… I’ll talk with our team and see if there is any way we can help…will get back to you as soon as i know. goodluck…hopefully some of the bigger teams with more elaborate funding will be able to help out in this issue

As of today they still have not received the kit yet and have no idea as to when it will arrive. Fedex have no knowledge of when the kit will get there either.
The Britts are at a distinct disadvantage with the 6 weeks build time, most other teams have their kit and know whats broken or missing we still have that surprise to come and going by some of the posts many parts are short in the kits.
It takes a week to air mail a part to England and if a part is needed on a Saturday morning they have to wait until Monday afternoon to order it and then if its shiped the next day they wont get it untill the following wednesday so they are deffinatly up against the odds.
The differance between starting a job and ending is taking the “F>I>R>S>T” step…
Send them help if you can, isnt it what were “ALL” about.

i sent you a pm… if you could check it and get back to me, I’ll do my best to see if my team can help you guys out…

Just a post to try and bump this one back up so that any teams who might have missed it will get a chance to at least see it… These guys need assistance, and i know that some of the bigger teams out there could easily help them out…We’re a team in a bad economic area with minimal support from some members of the community and we have no corporate sponser, so unfortunately we cannot afford to send these guys all the boxes they need…if any of you other teams out there could help them out I’m sure they would greatly appreciate it…
where’s your FIRST spirit?

thanks to those who sent us the containers. they will be much appreciated here in the UK!