Broaching Sprockets


We might need to broach some of our steel sprockets, which already have a 1/2in hole, with a 1/2in hex broach. According to Andymark the broach will work on mild steel.

Does anyone have any experience with broaching steel sprockets? Will it work?


Yes. Hex or key broaching? If you are broaching a key, make sure you use no shims on the 1st plunge. then 1 shim and finally the 2nd. The shims should be part of your broach “kit.” Hex broaching is a little easier, no shims needed.

2 things to remember, keep the tool straight so you get a straight key or hex perpendicular to the sprocket and use plenty of heavy oil for easier cutting and a better finish.

Thanks for the reply, we are doing hex broaching. I’ll try tomorrow and see how it goes.

It should go fine as long as you have a 3 ton or more arbor press, a strong person, and the length through bore is is between 1/2 and 3/4. Anything outside of that range will give you trouble. Also, make sure there are no set screws in it.