Broken Camera!

While disconnecting the camera’s “lens” from the whole board, I accidently broke part of it off.

Will the old camera lens’ work on the new board? Or do I need to buy a new one?

It will work on the new board.

great, thank you very much

It depends on what broke. The CCD imaging device is held as part of the lens assy and the distance from the back of the lens to the face of the CCD is fairly critical for lens focus operation.

I assume you are talking about using last year’s lens carrier board (the circuit board with the lens and all the pins sticking off it that plugs into the main circuit board). If this is the case, yes, it should work fine (assuming you didn’t damage the main board when you broke the “lens”).

Actually, the CCD is not attached to or held by the lens. The CCD is soldered to the circuit board, and the lens is attached to the board with screws. The lens can be easily removed without affecting the CCD.

I’m assuming that since everyone knows how the cameras work, that maybe you all could help me with our problem. :ahh:

We have everything set up the way that the manuals say to but we can’t get the camera to start on the computer. we have the CMUCam2 demo.llb file that is said to be needed but we can’t get it to work.

Any Suggestions?


I put a post in your other thread,

Essentially, the LabView stuff is separate from the code stuff.