Broken Code?

Why is it that I have broken code if I keep my camera vi in the RoboMain? Is anyone else having this issue?

I would guess there’s an issue with the Vision activation. We don’t know what error you’re seeing to know much more than that.

If you look for NI License Manager on your PC, you should see Vision Acquisition Software and Vision Development Module listed. There should be a solid yellow box under these. Do you see that?

Yes I do see the yellow box

If you click the broken run arrow, it lists errors. What errors show up in that box?

I’d suspect “SubVI not executable” which will take you to the vision VI. Inside that VI, you’ll have another broken run arrow. What errors do you see within this VI? Clicking on “Show Error” should take you to the point this error exists in your code. This will help figure out more about what you’re seeing and how we can approach a fix.

I found the error message, and I just checked the activation code. It’s the same one that we were given in the LabVIEW packet at kickoff. Is there a special code for the vision stuff?

Be aware that the vision module doesn’t start working after you activate it until you quit and restart LabVIEW.