Broken Jaguar

So I have a total of 4 cims running off of 2 jaguars (2 cims per jaguar, I know that in retrospect that it may have been stupid but I was told that it should not cause any problems). After being completely functional for a while (as seen here) one of the jaguar’s lights in now consistently red when the robot is enabled, however it flashes just like the other jaguar when the robot is disabled. Is there anything that I can do to fix it?

Can’t say, but you do know that every CIM on the competition robot needs it’s own jaguar (or Victor), right?

<R54> All electrical loads (motors, actuators, compressors) must be controlled by relay or PWM output signals sent by the Digital Sidecar to an appropriate power regulating device
A. Each CIM motor and Fisher-Price motor must be connected to one Victor or Jaguar speed controller. They must not be connected to relay modules.

Ya, that I know, the bot that that jaguar was on was just a test bot that we used to test the 2009 wheels.