Broken Kicker and G30 rule

The team has been busy testing their kicking mechanism, and one of the students brought up the scenario of “what happens if our kicker ‘breaks’ or gets stuck in the ‘out’ position during the match (beyond the bumper perimeter)… how does the G30-A penalty get applied?”

Would we be forced to eStop (it’s not really a safety issue)?

Would we be continuously penalized every 2 seconds for the remainder of the match?

Apologies if this has already been discussed.


<G30> does not specify whether penalties are continuously applied or one-time. I would ask about this on the official Q&A. Bear in mind that you’ll get a yellow card by rule for the first offense, so you need to try to avoid this.

If that happens, touch your tower ASAP. <G30-C> will protect you then.

By the way, if you’re beyond the bumper perimeter, it’s already a violation of <G30-A>. I hope you meant the frame perimeter…

Thanks Eric. Yes, my brain was saying Frame Perimeter, but my fingers ran override and typed Bumper Perimeter !