Broken Links

I am still finding broken links just about everywhere. I kept trying to bring up JVN’s calculator but every link says “not found.” I know the update for a new site like this takes a long time. Do we have an update when this might be fixed?

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Which links are you clicking, can you provide some examples?

I’ve got a few CD Media images and papers to fix – plan on doing that tonight, since I didn’t get a chance yesterday:

from what I can see anything in this format is broken.

Ah, it works if you open in a new browser window/tab. There’s a feature/bug in Discourse that prevents internal use of the redirects I used to preserve old links.

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Bumping this, threads with “langid=” and “highlight=” break when coming both externally and internally.

@Brandon_Martus FYI I found another broken link when reading an old thread. This link:

from this comment

is broken. The correct link is to this thread.

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Bringing this back to life, someone else found a broken link.

Anotha one:
It should lead to here: Drive-train shaft size
The &page=2 is what kills it.

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I’ve updated the pattern to match that …

That link is now

I’ve updated a few, and am searching around for a few others.

(Please send me links to the posts where you find bad links, not the actual link, so I can fix the source.)

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In Team Update 11, looks like the link should point to Do LRIs wield too much absolute authority?.

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It does if you open in a new browser tab/window, but I’ve fixed it either way.

Are all links supposed to be fixed by now? Searching through old threads I often come across broken links. Would you like every broken link reported? It seems like a lot are links to old papers that I have to access via the Wayback Machine.


From here:


Yeah, I can fix them relatively easily … post them here if you find any.

(This one you reported is fixed)

Can we also flag any posts with broken links?

Either works …

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I think it is meant to link to Team #4335 signing off or Shadetree Robotics signs off

It goes to the 4335 thread.

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It went to the right link … it needed to be opened in a new tab/window. (see: Old Threads with links to other threads broken)

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