Broken Radios

Team 93 managed to break two of our radios from a previous robot and we want to send them in to IFI to get them fixed. Does anyone know how long is takes to get something like that back from IFI?

  • Katie

They are usually pretty good about turn-arounds on broken things, heck they might even send you a new one. Our 2002 OI had a bad pin on the radio port that was discovered at MMR right before our last qual match on the field (fun!) we sent it back to them and had it back in a week or so. Those guys down in TX are nice, they’ll take care of you. :cool:

The teather port on our got ripped off and we sent it in and we got it back the next week as good as new

um are new one from this year we fried the chip. Dont ask me how i think it was one of are programmers. but since it was druing the season like a week before we had to ship the robot they overnited us a new one and we overnite are old one back to them