Broken RC Please help

Well guys here’s the deal. About 5 weeks into the build session after carefully guarding of the RC (robot controller interface thing) we where transferring our electronics from the mock up to the new plexi glass one. In the process the rc was accidentally dropped to the floor where it then hooked on the the jeans of one of our mentor who happened to walk by, by the radio port. The radio port was then rendered useless leaving us only the use of our tether until we could replace it.

Problem 1-The RC was replaced but we needed the original as proof of it breaking therefor we could not ship it with the robot. Would this conflict with the shipping stuff?

Problem 2- If I’m not mistaken the rc comes virgin. no default programming etc. Our programmer is no longer a part of the team (or school he was expelled for something can’t remember) so the small program he wrote (just moving our FP motors so that they pulled our arm out)was erased and now we have no code and no programmer.

I was wondering if someone could provide a link to where someone with say no experience with programming can go to and learn a thing or two about it before the competitions this Thursday. Or maybe even if a team from the NJ regionals would help us program our RC


There’s plenty of links to programming tutorials, and the default program might even serve you well. However, if you put out a call via the pit announcer on thursday morning, I guarantee that you will have atleast 2 teams at your pits within a few minutes, and you’ll have a robot running in some fashion by lunchtime.

OH my gosh!!! The exact same thing happened to us! we sent it in to be repaired and it cost us about $130. Okay the program thing.
I’m learning programming right now because our team is also lacking a programmer.
tell me what type of drive you want (ie, tank, single joystick) and what pwms your drive motors/lift/wrist or arm is. and I could try and write something for you.

and in answer to the link for you to try learning, I started here.

Thanks guys I appreciate the fast responses.

Cody. Thanks for the help man It’s really greatly apreciated i think it cost us about the same but it sucks cause last year we were programming and someone jumped the wrong wire on the competition port and fried the whole thing so you’d think we’d learned from last year.

I know we’re goin with a tank drive and our arm and hand are working on another joystick. Three joysticks in total. From last I remeber the drive motors were running on ports 1 and 2. The arm was on port 11 and the hand was on port 3 making the joystick movement for the arm up and down and for the hand left and right.

All together we have 7 victors running on 4 ports but that’s from what I remember. I’ll be looking into that autonomous mode programming myself (hopefully i’ll catch on) I know tht the compiler n such came on a disk but would anyone know where I could find it on the net for my home comp. so I can get familiar with the system and maybe even work out a few things on meh own.

Cody you mind if we keep incontact via yahoo messenger i think i’d be a lot faster that posting n such.

Thanks again guys
Nector & The guys from team 896

The default code is loaded. Worse comes to worse, at a regional just request another teams programmer to help you. I am sure there will be someone to help you out.

Sure, I’m on yahoo right now.

If you still have the old one, there’s always the IFI reader… which will let you download code from the robot :slight_smile:

896 is going to Trenton just like you Bharat, so just set them up wth one of the Team 25 programmers on Thursday. Team 25 is always willing to help others with programming. Many times I’ve responded to a call for a programmer only to find a hawiian shirt was already there.