Broken RIO pins

I was working on our robot and was trying to plug the camera cable which someone said is usb into the MXP port but it broke a bunhc of pins and now i dot now what to do, any advic?

i tried sticking them back in but i dont thik it worked

Spam? If not, you probably put the camera cord in the wrong spot. This is bad, you messed up my friend.

ok il try that

Your only choice may be to RMA the Rio back to NI for repairs. You get the RMA by calling NI.
A picture would also help.

you can desolder the MXP port and put on a new one if you are feeling really risky. I would not use that rio for comp anymore tho.

Call NI to see if you can RMA a replacement.
I did earlier this build season for a Rio that we were at fault for the slight damage.
Your mileage will vary but they told me could take two weeks for the replacement (via AndyMark) - ours arrived in 3 days.

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