Broken robots

im putting togeather a seminar and i need some common problems that go wrond with first robots Like Sheared codder pins, striped threads, bent apendages, pnewmatic leaks, crooked wheels. things like that. Thanks.

if your bumpers come off… dont hesitate to ziptie it back on for matches… :slight_smile:

we have done it back in 2003 Robot Rodeo when spam gave us those 5 ft. long tie wraps… :slight_smile:

Robots that use nothing more than set screws to fasten sprockets to shafts.

set screw+shaft+powerful motors=large, deep groove in steel shaft

I don’t know if this is common with other teams, but for some reason sometimes our batteries aren’t charged or our battery changer person just doesn’t change the battery out after a match…

This year we had a custom hook that swiveled and before the match we would duct tape it to the arm so it wouldn’t kill anyone when the pneumatics weren’t pressurized…we forgot to take it off a couple times. :ahh: Does something like that happen to other teams? A safety measure causes more problems in the match than it prevents off the field?
Other stuff will be added when I remember it.
Oh. Freshmen. 'Nuff said. :smiley:

grounded frame, tight chain, loose chain, stripped gears,

loose PWM cables, fried motors, improperly tensioned chains, loose setscrews, anything made of plexi/acrylic(lexan is fine)

Hah. Lets just list setscrews as a problem in and of themselves.

heres some…
cracked pneumatic solenoid, disconnected wires, smashed limit switches, chain falling off, bent frame, broken transmission, and smashed LED lights

*remembers replacing an entire globe motor during eliminations between matches then finding it was a loose wire :rolleyes: *

As for new ones…broken chain tensioners (maybe just us…), snapped chains, cracked lexan pieces, reversed wires on motors, chain falling off gears/tensioners, fried motors, broken pvc (in other years for us). I noticed some lose batteries this year too. A couple times opposing robots got inside our chassis by accident and pulled a few things apart, which required some motor protection and chain work afterwords.

Insufficient fault detection in software, permitting sensor problems to lead to a runaway robot in autonomous mode.

Designs that are able to break themselves under operator control if commanded to move “out of bounds”.

Poorly protected wiring or pneumatic tubing which is susceptible to external damage.

Metal shavings or loose fasteners shorting out electrical connections.

Batteries falling out.

Hey hey now, what are you trying to say huh? <remembers bad experience of batteries flying out the back of Heather (2003 696 robot) on several occassions.> LOL

Anyway, I think I need to poing out the most common robot problem of all THE PROGRAM DOESN’T WORK!

bent pneumatic piston shafts, bent axles, bent/warped frame, loose fasteners, damaged/dirty bearings, stripped gears.

hows that?

Yes but if u change the battery for a charged one and forget to plug it in… Well u either don’t realize it until the match starts and u go no where or when u turn it on when u get set up and can’t figure out why it won’t light up.

Common problems at Regionals(not mechanical, but just as costly)

  1. Having a driver named Tytus Gerrish haha just kidding
  2. Having a operator that is colour blind(those of you who know me will understand) “wait, aren’t we blue?”
  3. Forgetting the keys to the tool box
  4. Forgetting the keys to the tool box for a second day in a row
  5. Not listening to your coach screaming in your ear(especially when its Karthik)

All joking aside, these are serious problems, that could be just as costly as a mechanical failure. Sometimes mechanical failures are unavoidable, so issues like these which you can take care of, should be addressed.