Broken run arrow with new gyro

One thing I’ve noticed. We use the new gyro provided as part of the First Choice program. We copied the example VIs into our LabView code and it works just fine. If we start up our coding session by selecting the LabView project file everything loads up just fine and we get a clean run arrow. However if we take a shortcut and load one of the project’s VIs (such as robot main) we get a broken run arrow. Now we see that the gyro open VI in Begin is expecting the gyro to be an analog device even though the code specifies the correct SPI port. Also the Calibrated output from the get angle VI no longer exists. It does this consistently.
It’s not a show stopper but it is annoying. Has anyone else noticed this behavior?

When you are opening only a project file and not the whole project itself, you are not loading all the required dependences for the program to function properly. This will cause in most cases for a broken run arrow due to the missing dependences.

Also could you post a snapshot of the problem that you are having?

Your answer tends to confirm what we’re seeing. It just seems strange that this gyro has some dependencies that don’t exist on the other sensors/actuators. We just need to remember to load the full project not just the one VI we’re currently interested in.

You explained the “strange” part when you told us it’s an SPI connection.

None of the sensors/actuators will actually work if you don’t load the full project. You just ended up seeing the code broken early because of the polymorphic Gyro functions.