Bronx Science Robotics on Fox 5

Make sure to watch Fox 5 (WNYW) if you are in the Tri-state area tomorrow! Fox reporter Brett Larson came to the shops on Friday and taped a segment on the SciBorgs (1155) and the Iron Maidens (2265). It will air on the Morning, 5 O’Clock, and possibly 10 O’Clock newscasts. A link to the video will be posted soon.

It’s coming on soon, just saw Simon & Joel on the teaser. 7:34am

Here’s the video. It’s also a teaser of us at 95%, so enjoy.

They will be coming to the NYC Regional to tape a follow-up segment.

Good job guys! I like the anchor’s comments at the end. He said he was really pushing for the robots to fight each other, but the students were all insistent that that was not the goal; the robots have to perform a specific task. That show’s you’re getting the message across.

awesome Job !

Great PR

Very well done.

So we were going to upload a teaser last night but we figured this should be able to hold you all over for now. You can expect to see the launcher in action both hurdling and placing the ball on the overpass in a few days when Christos is done editing.