Brunswick Eruption 4- its coming!!

Keep your calendar open-

Brunswick Eruption 4

Saturday- November 19, 2005
and we WILL end by 5 PM!!! (we need to )

@ North Brunswick Twp H.S.
Rt 130 so,
North Brunswick, NJ
Hosted by Team 25 Raider Robotix**

Let the TIKIs flow!!!
The Chester Challenge TIKI remains unclaimed- this will be your last chance!

$200 per team

but wait- there’s more!!

For any Pre-Rookie Team using a refurbished and borrowed robot registration is free. For the team that loaned them the robot registration will be $100- Yes- thats half price!!!

contact- Wayne Cokeley [email protected]

We came really close to attending last year but we didn’t have a school advisor in time. This year we’re definitely in though. Gonna be sweet.

Looking forward to it!

We had fun at BE last year and we are coming back for more! Our team’s first glimpse of FIRST was at BE 2003. This is where we started and we are gonna make it a priority to come to your event every year. We’ll see you there, can’t wait! :slight_smile:

GO 1403!!!

ium sure team 56 will be attending always do maybe this year we wont hafta leave early to make it to the homecoming dance on time??? we want a tiki! we have many awards from first in our trophey case and many awards from other teams but we have still yet to earn the great honor of owning our very own tiki!

Heh, should the Tigertrons make it a three-peat???
03, 04…

Can’t wait for B.E. '05


I think Team 204 will heading up to B.E, hey we may want to get the TIKI too

Hey, is there anyway I could MC a couple of matches?


team 369 is planing on atending

we hope 2 make a wining alience with team 56 again I wold love 2 take controll of the whole field again :smiley:

Awesome! We started something! :smiley:

Yup, it’s a borrowed idea we could not resist copying because it works so well and is a great way to expand FIRST.

Hey BE Staff

Hey, is there anyway I could MC a couple of matches?

Freddy Schurr

More than you know guys…
Good job!!!~

I got the BE 4 site up and running. The first registrations are coming in already.

Bring a pre-rookie and save $$$$

WC :cool:

somehow this thread disappeared from the off seasons list so I’ll repost—

so far we have 4 signed up for this November event. It is time for the Midwesterners to make a trip out for the weekend…


Hey all you teams not signed up yet…GET ON IT!

BE4 will be fantabulous as usual. The competition is always top notch with the regulars of 222, 303, 56 and more! Come on and sign up, its a blast. Remember bring a prerookie robot and save save save!

im gonna try to make it down as i will be livin in CT then and go down with a crew from there w00t :smiley:

Well- the registrations are trickling in. I would be happier if they were flooding in.

Remember- loan a robot to a new school and help them play and you get in for half price- them free. Bring two schools- all three are free.

I sent a promo to the team contacts of all the teams in the NE states near US. If your coach didn’t talk to you find out why.

If you need me to send you the info simply get me your e-mail. (PM)

WC :cool:

Hey all you teams out there!

Come on and sign up already! sheesh!

Great time=Guaranteed!

Update 9-17

As of today we have 10 teams signed up for BE 4 and very few of the “locals” that normally attend. The event is 8 weeks away

I have created timing models for 24 teams and 30 teams. Either will work.


If you want to attend now is the time to send in your registration forms with that intent. If you need one PM me.

WC :cool:

latest update 9/25-

still 7 weeks away and we are passing 15 teams.

we would sure like to have YOUR team.

Is it possible if we could get a team list for whos planing on attending?