Brunswick Eruption 5 Nov.4

come on out to…

Brunswick Eruption 5

hosted by team 25-Raider Robotix

November 4th- Sat
North Brunswick Twp HS
North Brunswick, NJ

we play Aim High- no side games-

let the TIKIs flow

we want 30 teams or more- can handle up to 45

$200 reg per team-
prerookies free with borrowed robot- $100 discount to loaning veteran team

contact Wayne Cokeley-

late note- we already have 5 teams registered. Contact me now to get on the list

Sweet, I cant wait

We plan to be there. You guys put on a really fun and well run event.
It’s a great opportunity for our freshmen to break our old robot.:ahh:

We have to delay signup for our 06/07 school calendar to be finalized at the end of this month.

Of course I’ll be at Clarkson while those guys are busy breaking my program!

By the way, what’s an Eription? :wink:

Yay! I’m excited for this, I loved Brunswick Eruption last year^^

You guys host great events, I’m sure this one will be awesome as well! :slight_smile:

Eription- the condition of shredding the eardrum from excessive cheering at robot competitions

you need to attend to experience it

; )

WC :cool:

We’ll be there. Let me know when the forms are together?

As of 6/19/06, we have 16 teams attending BE 5, one of which is a pre-rookie!

25 North Brunswick, NJ
75 Hillsborough, NJ
102 Somerville, NJ
103 Kintnersville, Pa
224 Piscataway, NJ
237 Watertown, Ct
272 Lansdale Catholic, Pa
1071 Wolcott HS,
1071 A- Wolcott Prerookie
1089 Hightstown, NJ
1211 Automotive HS, NYC
1279 Immaculata HS, Somerville, NJ
1396 Tottenville HS, NYC
1403 Montgomery, NJ
1676 Montvale, NJ
1807 Allentown, NJ

There are still many spots available, and we can accomodate up to 45 teams!
It’s going to be an amazing event, so come on out!

Also, check out the Brunswick Eruption link on our site,, for updates.

When you guys need volunteers? And if so, how can we help out.

Cybersonics 103 is looking forward to this great event.


we are up to 18 teams- looking for 30-35

How about some of the Midwesterners coming East for a replay?

WC :cool:

I guess i will take up the reigns of that, and say email me, with your email address and job interest,and i will get back to you with a position. Keep in mind that most Key positions like Head ref/Ref and Announcer/MC has been filled

This is just a reminder to all teams that are interested in coming and have not yet signed up! PLEASE register for this year’s Brunswick Eruption.

You can sign up here.

We’d love to have any and all teams come out for this event. :slight_smile:

I think this will be the most fun packed, well-organized and competitive event. I think you should be there…

I want to see if 1660 wants to go. We have a bone to pick with team 25 for knocking us out of the first round at Monty Madness.

can’t wait! 1923 WILL be there.

Just a reminder to anyone wishing to volunteer

We could still use some help on the field,

mainly with feild reset and Queing
but there are a couple of spots open for Refs…

Please email me (Big Mike) with the subject line “Brunswick Eruption Volunteer” if you are interested.

And in Completly unrelated news, I was hoping to engage a *slight *rule change (keep in mind that slight is one of those objective words :wink: )

Instead of this format for play

10 sec automode
40 second alliance a-offense b-defense
40 second alliance a-defense b-offense
and then
40 second free-for-all

i was thinking of somthing like this
10 second automode
2:00 Minute free-for-all

assuming Mike Wade’s field can do this, and the teams compete enjoy the idea i think this would really make for some awesome matches

feel free to let me know what you think (esspecially if you are a team registered for the event)

Team 1155 is definitely interested in attending but i need to check with my co-captains and mentors once school starts up again to make sure.

While I don’t have a dog in this fight, I will vouch for the awesomeness of the two-minute free-for-all. (Granted, we tried it with 2v2 on a smaller field, but I believe it can carry over to standard Aim High.)

This could be interesting…