Brunswick Eruption 5 Nov.4

Cough Rule changes in favor of 25 Cough
sounds interesting, hopefully it will pump up the energy of the matches

Not really… :rolleyes:

Big Mike only suggested [mind you nothing is final] this rule change because he feels like being a lazy ref so that he doesn’t have to watch out for off-sides… :stuck_out_tongue:

I just realized that Nov. 4th is an SAT day. Isn’t North Brunswick High School a testing center?

Wow, you’re right. But I doubt they are testing near the Gym lol. And it will be much better than last year. (Last year, BE fell on the same date as the drama club’s play)](
And the school Calendar has it wrong, BE5 will be held in the gym, not the commons.

I only mention this because when we were doing Monty Madness, we were told by the school that absolutely nobody is allowed to do anything in the school while examinations were going on(our school is a test center too). I think this was a regulation put into place by College Board, so we had to pick a date that didn’t conflict with SAT’s.

Team 102 will be there and ready to go!!! :slight_smile:

Be interesting to see how that whole SAT thing works out… be kinda loud having many of us in the gym while there are many taking SATs that day haha.

Not only is it SATs that day, it’s also the Sectionals for anyone in Cross Country, so that means those people (like myself) will be pretty late getting to the competition hahagah Hopefully we run like 9:00am instead of 1:00pm lol. So many things on one day for some people. I wonder what else can be packed into one day for someone lol.

The SATs are given upstairs in a whole different wing of the building. We wont let them bother the robotics competition too much.

Sitting at 20 teams and still looking for more…


I should have an answer for you on whether or not Team 1155 is coming sometime next week when school starts up again for us


Update BE5-

with 6 weeks 'til game time the team count for BE 5 has reached 26. And we still have a number of “locals” that havent committed yet.

Today 5 cases of new poof balls arrived- nice, shiny and brand new.

The food committee has the menu planned and the chefs are getting their crew in line

Big Mike is getting the field ops roster together.

And we have 70 new kids on the team looking for something to work on…

We would like to see all of your teams come to our house. We are going to have a lot of fun. We can easily host 36 (even more) and we have inexpensive hotels in the neighborhood. Forty minutes from Newark Airport. Two miles form the NJ Turnpike- Rt 95.

Team 25 has a brand new drive team- should be interesting. We expect a great time.

Come on over’

WC :cool:

70 new kids!!! :ahh: :eek: Dang!!! That’s like… I can’t say anything to that but that is AMAZING!!! I wish we could get near that many kids. We haven’t have 70 kids in the past 4 years haha.

Yup, and they’ll all be put to good work to ensure a smoothly ran and competitive event.

Less than three weeks away, there are 29 teams attending Brunswick Eruption 5 as of today.

11 Mt. Olive, NJ
25 North Brunswick, NJ
56 Bound Brook, NJ
75 Hillsborough, NJ
102 Somerville, NJ
136 Plainfield, NJ
145 Norwich, NY
222 Tunkhannock, Pa
224 Piscataway, NJ
237 Watertown, Ct
271 Bayshore, NY
272 Lansdale Catholic, Pa
293 Hopewell, NJ
358 Hauppage, NY
369 Grady HS, Brooklyn, NY
555 Montclair, NJ
1071 Wolcott HS, Ct
1071 A-Wolcott Prerookie
1089 Hightstown, NJ
1211 Automotive HS, NYC
1279 Immaculata HS, Somerville, NJ
1302 Pope John HS, Sparta, NJ
1403 Montgomery, NJ
1546 Baldwin, NY
1626 St. Josephs, Metuchen, NJ
1660 New York, NY
1676 Montvale, NJ
1807 Allentown, NJ
1923 West Windsor, NJ

Remember, it’s still not too late to register your team, and any team that lends an older robot to a pre-rookie will receive a $100 discount, and the Pre-Rookie team will be given free admission!

We need about 70 teams to keep them busy during BE. So yeah, I think more of you teams should sign up.

It should be New York, New York for 1660

i do not see 103 on the list ???

My gosh! You are right! I was looking and I normally see at least 2 teams with 10? And we are the only ones?! :ahh: Someone better get a hold of 103 and tell em to sign up! The more the merrier :smiley:

I am going to be in the area that day but for an after school conference. Maybe, just maybe I will sneak out and go to BE, LOL!

Might be there. Might be a ref. Depends how persuasive Corey can be shoots evil eye across room

Its really funny. I just looked up before reading this and he was staring at me evily…
But i shall be there for sure.

Tom, you dont have to come to BE, but if you dont i am going to have to come up to Boston and Bearhug you

Hmm, maybe I can trade Corey some tea for a ride there?