Brunswick Eruption 8 -October 31

Trick or Treat–

Brunswick Eruption 8
October 31, 2009

North Brunswick Twp High School,
North Brunswick, NJ

entry- $200 we still offer the prerookie discount too
40 teams are what we are seeking

We will play Lunacy with a twist ; )

More details and registration forms shortly as we update the BE7 site or you can register now using that form but clearly cite “BE8”


whats the theme for the evil sundae this year???

i cant wait!!!

since the game is Lunacy this year and the event is on Halloween I guess the Evil Sundaes need to have an Evil Halloween Alien Nature to them.

The question is- is Jane going to be there to make them? What kind of meat goes in them? Is this combination toxic…

WC :cool:

Any rule changes in mind?

MORT would not miss this competition for the world!:smiley: We are ready to play Lunacy one last time.

id love to see a change to the uber strict rules agains sticking your hands through the hole at the outpost, and not picking up balls with tongs…

i know they are for the general safety of the shooters, but they are a nuisance… i spoke with a shooter from another team at the wrap party and he said that picking balls with the tongs was a pain in the neck… also, the hand through the whole rule was kinda annoying too because the amount of matches altered by it…

just my two cents…

The event website is now updated and ready to accept registrations. The earlier the better ; )

Haha, any combo with Jane could be toxic, that’s for sure.
I just saw this post. :slight_smile:
Thank you for thinking of me in regard to the Evil Sundaes, they are truly an experience and so much fun for everyone!

I’m looking at the calendar for October 2009 and it’s looking a mite busy for robotics, even down here in Texas, so I’ll probably have to pass on helping make the Halloween Evil Sundaes creepy crawly spooky awesomeness. But, I will be thinking of all the great teams that will participate and the well-run event that is Brunswick Eruption. It is an excellent competition with knuckle-biting moments and great experience for the pre-rookies.

All the best with BE8!


Can you tell me if my name is on the volunteer list cause I haven’t been keeping track of what was done or not =(


so far we have 12 teams listed for BE8 and I have been getting requests for registration every few days.

A few teams have already paid up and are ready for the event.

Our school year ends on the 19th so if you have prepayment in your plans act accordingly.

Of course registration through the BE website is open all year.


Mike- hasnt gotten to me yet.

Its a long time away so I wanted to bump this up in hopes of diversifying the pool of registered teams. If you’re looking for something crazy to do the day of Halloween please come! Here’s the teams listed so far:

11 - MORT - Flanders, NJ

25 - Raider Robotix - North Brunswick, NJ

103 - Cybersonics - Kintnersville, PA

222 - Tigertrons - Tunkhannock, PA

224 - The Tribe - Piscataway, NJ

303 - Panther Robotics - Bridgewater, NJ

1075 - Sinclair Sprockets - Whitby, ON, Canada

1089 - Team Mercury - Hightstown, NJ

1279 - Cold Fusion - Somerville, NJ

1302 - Revolution Robotics - Sparta, NJ

1403 - Cougar Robotics - Skillman, NJ

2554 - The War Hawks - Edison, NJ

Thanks- I am sure we will get a bunch more as the fall season approaches.

It will be a fun day. We already have a few more that aren’t listed since we haven’t updated the site.


Now that IRI is over how about making some fall plans and signing up for BE8?

In NJ school is 1 month away- oh no!!!

and BE8 is a mere 3 mos away.

act now- miss the fall rush ; )

The list to date- still dont see lots of our friends on it yet

Team # Team Name
25 Raider Robotix
103 Cybersonics
222 Tigertrons
224 The Tribe
303 Panther Robotics
1075 Sinclair Sprockets
1089 Team Mercury
1279 Cold Fusion
1302 Revolution Robotics
2554 War Hawks
1403 Cougar Robotics
369 Robobob
768 Technowarriors
555 MHS Team 555

**Brunswick Eruption 8 Update

October 31, 2009**

In NJ we are just 2 weeks away from the start of the school year and I am taking these last few days of summer to work on the organization of BE8 operations.

This season team 25 is in rebuild mode since we graduated 15 seniors last June and many of our workers and their families have moved on. Wait until you see the new drive team. Our drive team coach is also getting married to another team parent the week before the event!! So we are pretty busy here…

Volunteers- Folks who want to come out and be involved should sign up through our event site (below)

Teams- we have 18 signed up so far. We will take up to another 18. Please sing up ASAP. I will be invoicing teams on about Sept 15th. All teams are welcome and we expect to have lots of fun.

Side events- FTC will have a scrimmage at the event. We will have the Evil Sundae contest at lunch time. The kids talked about another Guitar Hero tournament but that is not a confirmed activity yet.

Rules changes- we will kill the penalty for high scoring rule. Other than that it will be business as usual.

all event info and signups-

We look forward to another fun event. I hope all teams consider coming out!!

The teams to date-
25 Raider Robotix
103 Cybersonics
222 Tigertrons
224 The Tribe
303 Panther Robotics
369 Robobob
555 MHS Team 555
768 Technowarriors
869 Power Cord
1075 Sinclair Sprockets
1089 Team Mercury
1279 Cold Fusion
1302 Revolution Robotics
1403 Cougar Robotics
2070 Ridgefield Robotics
2554 War Hawks
2752 Teen Technology

School for me starts tomorrow----

Tiki order has been compiled

19 teams registered so far- still need many more

Invoices to be e-mailed around the 15th for the first wave of registrants. Some already paid up.

No high score penalty in our tournament

Thats all for now

; )

Could you post the updated team list please?:smiley:

Aww man, all of the newbies are in for quite a surprise. Most of them haven’t even seen the robot yet. And the evil sunday should turn some stomachs. I think we should have a freshman policy. That should be their initiation!


(103 is still unconfirmed- Phil? Shaun needs to talk to coach)


**we will be AGAIN offering a Guitar Hero Tournament at BE8. Last year the event was so popular the team wants to repeat. **

Players will register for a time slot in the morning as they arrive. They will compete at times throughout the day.

The finals will be played on the big screen in our commons.(really neat last year)

Winners get a portion of the registration pot and a trophy.

More details to be announced as they crystallize


(BTW- we are up to 25 teams as of today- we top out in 11 more- register now)

Hey Wayne you might want to fix our team number, its 2753. :smiley:

Can’t wait to play again, and get our new members some experience behind the wheel.