Brunswick Eruption 8 -October 31


1989 is a team that came out of nowhere to almost take it! Nothing to diminish their alliance partners, who were all that they needed to be.

Taking the initiative to redesign the robot as practice for the upcoming season appears to have paid off in more than one way: The idea worked in competition (OK, it kinda went kablooey near the end, but until then it was far better…) AND all the newer kids got to understand what it takes to build something - that’ll serve you well come January 9.

Plus, 1989 got to see first-hand just what it will take to go all the way to the finals. I saw a LOT of panic on the team - starting with alliance selection - so you will want to control that at Javits, but you did pull together for the most part.

I also saw some team members who weren’t doing anything, while others were frantic. You need to utilize all of your team members in those situations, and preparation and training of every member in every job is the key. OK, not everyone will be an expert, but anyone should be able to shout to anyone else “Go get a #35 master link” and be completely understood. Work on that between now and January, since you have the possibility of being an awesome team this year - but only if you use the whole team…

Good job altogether!



Hmm…so we’re not the only team who’s had a smoking robot on the field…


Brunswick Eruption 8- The Results

Here are the results of yesterday’s BE8

winners- 2753,1923 and 1302
finalists- 1989,1807,56

Evil Sundae Winner- 222
Alumni Favorite Robot- 768
Mike’s Favorite Award ( mem: Mike Wade)- 1075
Food Drive Champions- 1279
Best Autonomous Mode- 222
Aloha Spirit Award- 1089
Army Strong Robot- 2753
DBAB Smart Play Award (mem: Dave Beck)- 56

Big Kahuna Awards- Bharat Nain and Lauren Aretakis
Filed Ops Juggler Awards- Pete Kieselbach , Mike Nasson and Sara Neid

Thanks to all 33 teams attending for coming out and especially for your patience with us through all the field issues.

Huge thanks to all of the volunteers that helped our event run.



Hey- we have our event in a public school and there is NO SMOKING anywhere on the premesis


Does anyone have a video of the last-second double Super Cell score we made into 768’s trailer? I know some other people were recording the matches. I think it was in QF 2-1.

I was in the middle of recording it but my camera’s memory card ran out of space 2 seconds before we scored…

Some past members of our team don’t believe we actually did it…


that match made me cry:(
and i wish i had videotaped that round. i just enjoyed pinning the one team against our wall and just dumping all of the balls in their trailer. i heard they freaked out when we did it!:smiley: :smiley:

hope to be back next year for BE9!


Yeah, I was sad to hear that team 11 had left! There were a lot of teams including us who were ready to pick you guys!! Oh well…

But in regards to the overall competition, I for one can say I had the best halloween I’ve ever had! A big thank you to all the volunteers and those working on the field all day during the competition.

I’d also like to thank our alliance partners 1923 and 1302. It was a blast to play and strategize with you guys! Also thanks to Alliance #7 (1989, 1807, & 56) for 3 well-fought finals matches that made the competition so exciting!

And a final big thanks to Team 25 for hosting this great off-season event!