Brunswick Eruption Evil Sundae Topping Contest!

An Evil Sundae is ice-cream mixed with some, shall we say, “non-traditional” ingredients that change every year. Each team attending Brunswick Eruption will nominate one team member to participate in this contest. The goal? To eat, and keep down, the sundae in the fastest time possible. Each participant is allowed to bring a spoon of their choosing to use in conquering this evil dessert——we provide the barf bags. Participation in this contest is purely at the participants risk and we take absolutely no responsibility!

This year, we’re asking YOU to help us create the Evil Sundae. Simply post your ideas for toppings here or on our Facebook. We’ll pick our favorites and then let everyone vote on those selections. The topping with the most votes will be included in this year’s delectable sundae.

soylent green.


If we’re doing that then I’ll drop in lutefisk

saltine crackers would be gross with ice cream…

Chia Seeds

anchovies, capers, and tabasco

Mustard would be the worst

Tartar sauce might be a good addition! :smiley:

Spicy chocolate-covered ants as a topping.

And I would just like to say that I find it completely unfair that one is asked to help make those evil things and then is told that she has to participate in eating one of those evil things. That’s all I’m going to say about it until the next opportunity arises. :smiley:

And… I noticed that you are asking for shoes. I have a great pair of shoes to send out to you guys.

Back to evil: spicy chocolate-covered ants as a topping ftw.


What about a throwback to the first FRC game? Add in some corn kernels :wink:

Well since you guys passed on my previous suggestion for Castor Oil how about cottage cheese?

We’ll be posting the final poll tomorrow evening so be sure to get your last minute suggestions in before then!

Hey everyone! The planning committee has made its selections and now you get to vote on which topping you’d most like to see. Vote here at before Sunday evening!