Brunswick Eruption- Who's Coming?

Just wanted to drop everyone a note and say that the BE website ( was just updated and we are now less than a month away.

We still have some slots open for you fence-sitter teams but we expect to finish up our registrations this weekend at Ramp Riot.

Teams 25 and 303 have been working our treads off for months now preparing for this event. I guarantee you this will be one event your team doesn’t want to miss.

So if you reside anywhere within a 3 hour drive of Central NJ and your team is still breathing drop us a line and get in while you still can.

This will be the LAST CHANCE TO DANCE with your 2002 robot.
Don’t miss out on all the fun!!!


Team 869 will be there, can’t wait to get back to the fun and start the season up!

crap. team 87 wants to go but our Battle of the Bands fundraiser is the 22nd. we just cant go from staying up until 11-12 pm to waking up at 6am to go to it.

had a great time at RR…looking forward to making it to eruption still gotta make sure, but I instructed our team leader that we are going…and yeah the pineapple is coming too

We’d like to come, also.

Our advisor is investigating transportation, I think. If you’ll wait just a few days, we’ll know for sure :wink:

Hey pineapples + Hawaiian shirts + Mr. Volcano= sounds like a homecoming to me

I guarantee that you will have fun at BE. If not you can personally yell at me. You can quote that.

I also guarantee that if the Moehawk makes an appearance on the field then the Silver Scorpion will wear green for the match. Also quote for that.

We have 14 different trophies to award. Ladies rounds, obstacle course, drag racing robots, robot strongman competition. We may even squeeze in some adults only rounds if the time can be worked.

Since this will be the last chance for the 2002 robots to play I expect an all out, do or die competition.

Glorious is the word- you want to be there!!!


we’re filling up!!

I just consulted the master list and added the new “think we’ll be there’s” and we are sitting at 20 teams with 3 weeks to go and a few likely locals not heard from. Since we are going first come first served here contact me now if you want to be in on this thing.

BTW- the total of all the team numbers adds up to 7355. You know 25 and 303 are on the list. Can you figure out the other 18?

There is a genuine BMS team 25 tote bag waiting for anyone who gets the right answer. But you need to pick it up at Brunswick Eruption. Hint hint…


I guess i could find all the teams in a 3 hour vacinity of New Brunswick, and plug and chug all the team numbers untill i got 7355, but…i dont have too, i got a tote bag last year at the mid-atlanitc regional! lucky me

rise to the challenge my ladd!! perhaps there is a blue fanny pack in it for you!!

So far only Team 341 will have attended the MD State Fair, DoD, Ramp Riot, and the North Brunswick Eruption.

The only teams that have a chance to join us are 84, 225 and 487.

Will anyone else be a Grand Slammer? Or will team 341 be the only recipient of the FIRST Robotics “Too Stupid to Stop Playing” trophy? Only time will tell.

Al Ostrow
Team 341/Coach

Hey Ozzie- you forgot Tunkhannock PARC- an equally fun event.

You know, We’ll be at PARC VI. Another great event.

Now lets see if 84, 487, and 225 can make it to all 5!!!

Al “Too Stupid to stop playing” Ostrow

TSTSP -make that Too Smart To Stop Playing!

BTW, I just got the word: 84 & Chuck are coming! Our registration is in process…

Great that means you’ll be a 5-timer then, because I know you always go to PARC. Excellent!! Unfortunately, I have a presentation on 11/23, but the team will be there ready to go. Best of luck this coming season.


*Originally posted by JudyVandy *
**BTW, I just got the word: 84 & Chuck are coming! Our registration is in process… **

:smiley: YIPPEEEE!!! :smiley:

hey alright the chuck and moose great

Pfhew… I almost went into shock sitting here in school… I forgot when SAT’s were, and had to run to the nearest computer. Thankfuly, they aren’t until December… the 84 floor team returns once again!

Hey guys thanks for all of the publicity and you know what we will be there and we will have fun and we will all bolster the power of the pineapple!!!

and pinapples are from hawaii and we wear hawiian shirts from hawaii

a connection i thinks so