Brunswick Tiki's

All the Tiki’s before these awards were presented.
The Guitar Hero one is mooning us I think…

Ha, I guess it is.

Hey look its are little fat Future Glory Award buddy up in the left corner. :smiley:

Coolest and oddest awards we have ever gotten.

There’s the butt-monkey! 1676 got that at BE4 for something- I think it might have been audience’s choice or something…

BTW, 25, where do you get those?

They are available at ABC Stores all over Hawaii.

Do you order them every year? That’s got to start to add up.

we order a set of tikis every year from a distributor in Hawaii. The team constructs them from parts we get at Michaels crafts and Home Depot. Lately it has been Kio and Tina doing the building.