Bryce's Bold Predictions 2017

I predict

In week one, no event will be won by an alliance that scores less rotors + climbs, than its opponents.

At least one championship event will be won by an alliance who does not score all four rotors in their last match.

Feel free to use this thread to make your last minute bold predictions!

Here is the thread from last year.

The ShREK will never see use in the official season.

I really hope so

At least one point or QP value will be adjusted at some point in the season.

Oh, here’s one:

Both Einstein winning alliances will have, at one point, completed 100pt autonomous routines.

That’s a feat that can be achieved by only one team. My prediction to go above on this is that there will be a 160 point auto at least 5 times this year.

Two swerve drives and a vectored intake wheel drive will compete on Einstein, but not on the same alliance.

The highest scoring match will occur in a championship division quarterfinal or seminal match and will have a score in the 850 - 900 range.

175 Won’t be uncommon. At least a dozen times before champs.

Game high scores will come from Houston Champs. Most exciting matches will come from St. Louis Champs.

There will be teams with 3 gear autos.

I have a bet with one of my students that no one will ever actually complete a 2 gear auto in competition* (let alone 3). I’m kinda expecting to lose that bet, but I still think the hype on multi-gear autos is totally overblown.

*Not out of lack of ability, but out of the fact that for the teams good enough to do it, it’s rarely worth doing

One (or more) of the top 4 seeds at every event will have a ground gear pickup.

One team will be able to deliver one gear and get 1 rp with fuel in auto.

I believe that a lot of teams will be able to do that. I think it’ll be easier than the 2 ball auto last year that not a lot of teams could do.

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One team will seed first in an event, without ever scoring a gear in teleop

After seeing the jaw dropping 118 reveal video I think that at the highest level of play scores will be limited by boiler processing and we will see 90% and + of perfect scores.

At least one high profile match this year will be decided by boiler processing.

There will be at least 5 scores of fewer than 40 points, not counting DQs and red cards.

There will be a match where all the hoppers are dumped in autonomous.

A single robot will be able to score 11 gears by themselves. (Including autonomous).