Bucket Rendering

i have 5 computers rendering and i need to know how to set up a bucket render. right now i have the five computers doing different parts, so the faster computers are finished and doing nothing while the slower computers are still rendering. thanks

Run “Backburner Manager” and “Backburner Monitor” on one computer.

Run “Backburner Server” on each of the computer that will be rendering, and have them connect to the manager.

Now, on the computer that you’re rendering from, check “Network render,” and use a network path for the place to store the rendered frames (individual frames, not a movie file). Make sure each of the servers can access the network path and have write access.

When the network render dialog pops up, connect to the manager, check Include Maps (make sure you have no missing textures), and then some miracle happens, and then you assemble your animation.

i tried this and it just partitions the animation reder to the different computers, i need to know how to get all the computers to render the same animation

Umm, it sounds like you just said you want all your computers to duplicate the same thing.

Backburner will send out “parts” of each render sequence to whatever computer’s open. A faster computer will get its parts done quicker, so it will automatically be assigned more parts by the manager.

can u please explain how to do this, step by step if possible, or if there is a website that you know of. thanks!

tutorial 01

very good tutorial

here, I recommend you look at the second one, it explains EVERYTHING