Buckeye Damage report

im starting this to see who got banged up pretty good at the buckeye regional. I know that team 2197 busted up 2941 during autonomous. Sorry 2941 i hope it was an easy fix. we also took some major abuse in the semi-finals. We chose a spot in front of the outpost and it turned into a battle between us and the robot across from us. i wish i knew who it was. but the top half of our frame is shifted back about an inch and the bar we had across the front is bent beyond repair. we also broke our battery mount. it was fun and i loved it there though. we definitely will consider going to buckeye again

I think that may have been us. I know we lined up several times at the outpost station in the elims. But we suffered as well. We have a few spares/replacement parts we need to make for Atlanta.

So is that the reason why you guys moved to a corner for the last match?

yup. that is exactly why we moved there. we couldnt take another hit like that and survive with anything fixable. i do congratulate you guys on shutting us completely down. and to 1038 what did you guys have happen to you?

It’s unfortunate to say but I think we were the ones that were in the outpost. I remember the hit when you guys got knocked to the right of us. It looked like a pretty gruesome hit and that’s when I noticed that we may have hit your battery mount. I don’t recall us taking any noticeable damage during the match. As a word of warning though, this competition is one where hard hits are bound to happen. So plan for the worst and hope for the best. :yikes:

You guys put up a very good match! It was some very intense competition.
And I look forward to seeing you guys at BMR! Good luck!!! :slight_smile:

it was very intense. you guys did a great job at pinning us and shutting us down. i had a great time when i actually could move. and hopefully at BMR we will be able to work together. i cant say that i really want to have another semifinal match like those. i’d rather be scoring. and if you want you can stop by our pits first thing and check it out. its pretty sweet. we will probably just replace our front bar and straighten up our upper frame and reinforce it this time. is your team going to any regionals in the time between now and then.

No, we’ll just be going to our homegrown regional and then to Atlanta! But yeah, I’m sure a few of the students would like to stop by the pits to see it and talk with you guys! See ya then!

yup see ya there. boilermaker will definitely be a lot of fun like last year. and to team 48 thanks for inspiring us to use a different motor on our output rollers. im sure this change will help us a lot.

FIRST is a contact competition, robots should be built robustly and able to take some vicious hits. After being at the competition, I saw no hits that were close to as hard as some of the hits from past years. The physics of this years game just do not add up to having the “hard hits” of years past. Sure in auton they are going around 6fps towards each other, but in years past you could have had to deal with upwards of 10-12fps head to head impacts.

With that said, I would like to know some stats about your robot. What was the frame made of (material, size and thickness)? How was it constructed (one piece, multiple pieces)?

there was a time during eliminations when a teams bumper was in our intake:ahh:, so for half of the match we couldnt pick anything up of the ground. but it wasnt anything to serious and a quick fix for BMR.:]

On behalf of the team, we admitt that we underestimated potential damage, I’m not 100% sure but I believe it was aluminum. Sam will clear that up he come back online.

first off. austin please do not speak on behalf of the team if you do not know for sure on a subject. at the time of design we never thought of two robots meeting up at a weird spot and doing what happened. its not a real hard fix just kinda a weird one. and im pretty sure most of our metal was 1X1 aluminum angle with a thickness of 1/8th inch. the thing that is messing with my head is how the top tier of our frame got pushed back so far. most of the impact should have been taken by the lower part of the frame. oh well. i love high impact events.

I’m pretty sure we all underestimated such an event happening Sam, in fact we did all underestimate such an event. So, whether I state I speak on behalf of everyone or not, I do.

Do you guys happen to have any pictures of the frame? If it’s just angle, with not much bracing, I could see where it would get bent. Regardless, it’s in the past, and some improvements may need to be made; I can’t say too much though without seeing the damage.