Buckeye Regional comments from 1038

I just wanted to say nice job to the winners of our competition. Mainly though, I just want to get my team name out in the open for nationals when we go. I am the driver for team 1038, the Thunderhawks. We were hoping to be chosen as a partner for the finals, but were dissapointed that we were not (we were 18th seed in a 63 team group). If you are doing CI early for nationals, and possibly looking for alliance partners early, contact me if you have any questions.

Hey Evan…

Actually, we were 14th, not 18th

see http://www2.usfirst.org/2003comp/events/OH/teamrank.html

That 5 point disaster match put us last in the three way tie at our point level - would have been 12th if we’d had a few more points on that losing match, sigh…


I think I can speak for everyone on the team when I say that this experience was one of the greatest things that will happen in our lives. Everyone had a great time and we are getting pumped to show our stuff at nationals.

i had a great time. even thgouh sometimes things weren’t fair, i think we still kept a good game face

this goes to everyone going to nationals. if you have any questions about us and/or need an alliance partner…talk to us!

oh and GREAT JOB!!! to team 1022, i think i hugged their whole team about 12x…and the killer bees team 33. great job

Everyone should read the threads about the replay of the qualifying match. If we could have replayed our second match on saturday I know we would have won and been in the top 8. Oh well, we learned our lesson.

arent u the team who won the rookie all star award on saturday? we will see you next year in clevelnad again??

Team 1126

No we were not the ones who won. We won 3 others for controls, animation, and our website though. So we will be at nationals but i dunno about Cleveland next year.

From the winning alliance at VCU, I give you my congrats! I have experienced both FIRST’s in three days: the one that you live your life through (Gracious Professionalism), and the winning of the ‘coopatition’.

You will never forget it or experience it again like the first time.