Buckeye Regional PROS and cons

FIRST off, let me start by saying THANK YOU to CLeveland for puting on such a strong regional!

Next I would like to give everyone who wasn’t fortunate enough to be there, a little run down. I wanna holla at Las Guerillas, the FEDS, and team 859 for thier EXCELLENT performance in the finals. My visor goes off to all the other teams, 302 and 519 in particular. Congrats to all the rookie teams who really showed some of the oldies how to play the game.

Cleveland had a huge venue and a lot of energetic supporters, I definately think this will evolve into a big show in the years to come. The arena was HUGE, which leads me to believe that tehy could pack in about 40 more teams next time around. The party at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was a nice touch, I really had a good time!

The event was great, the robots were great, the party was great. I was a little disappointed that a few teams forgot to practice their gracious professionalism while they were going over all those cheers.

Speaking of cheers, there is a certain team out there that will remain nameless that felt the need to “borrow” some other teams cheers. It is hard enough to promote team identity without having to worry that another team is copying your cheers. I know imitation is the sincerest form a flattery, but originality is the key to success. SO my advice it to make up your own cheers, propogate yourselves positively, and be as gracious as possible, that will win you more admiration than ever!

Thanks to Dean, for showing up to see what we were up too and I for one am spreading the word about FIRST to anyone who will listem and to a few who wont.

X-Cats Rock the House, I Said X-Cats Rock the House, SAY WHAT…

One way the Cleveland stinks. One of our engineers went to register at our hotel. He parked just outside the official hotel parking area in front of the hotel. A cop gave him a ticket for illegally parking during rush hour. No warning, just a ticket. A $30.00 fine :mad:
On the other hand, the venue and party were great. I thought the live band was good too.

Wayne Doenges

The guitar player on the right was amazing.

anyone see the student drummer? the 2nd one. he was from team 234. he sure did do a kick butt job!!!

I’m not sure which one you’re talking about but the one that I played the guitar with was good. (I was the one who played machinehead, the first song)

*Originally posted by chris144 *
**I’m not sure which one you’re talking about but the one that I played the guitar with was good. (I was the one who played machinehead, the first song) **

he was in the last song they played.

yeah now I know who you’re talkin about…
he was good from what I remember
in fact I thought all the students that played did a great job :slight_smile:

I think the Buckeye Regional was great also! And being from Cleveland was fun too because we got attention from all the media and I got to go to the lunch with Dean as a representative from our team. All the Cleveland teams got to send a few kids. The party was great too, and a kid from my team was playing the drums in the first song that kids played :). However, when that one kid tried to crowd surf, and fell, that was a bad point. I talked to a woman that we know from the planning committee, and apparently he had to have fluid drained from his head and stuff… he is supposed to be ok though.

*Originally posted by chris144 *
**The guitar player on the right was amazing. **

I think maybe you are talking about Austin Butler, one of my friends. I wasn’t there at the time, but he said that he started playing Kryptonite…

nah I was talking about the guitarist from the house band there…
not one of the students

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I think maybe you are talking about Austin Butler, one of my friends. I wasn’t there at the time, but he said that he started playing Kryptonite… **

yeah, i kid from my team played the drums for that song but the kids couldn’t sing and guitar players kept messing up

Cleveland was a GREAT time - Great matches - Congrats to the winners and runners up, every one put on a GREAT show!
Congrats to Team 49 on winning the Chairmans Award, too.
But, Emily - please be cautious when posting, we really don’t want to see any unprofessional posts accusing any other teams of anything - lets all stay positive and not start anymore silly arguments over non-important issues. Just feel flattered and leave it at that - oh by the way, Our team is very loud, we love to make noise, and if we are the un-named team (I don’t know if we are, but we do a cheer that is similar) - we are very sorry, we meant no harm.

I was not trying to be negative in any way in my comment about the state of gracious professionalism at the regional. I was merely trying to remind people what attitude we should have during competition. We should all remember that it is not about who wins or loses it is about how the game is played and how much we learned from it. We all need to keep in mind that we are in this together, FIRST is a close knit community and we all should be looking out for eachother, not trying to put others down. I was making no accusations about any teams in particular and I dearly hope that my words were not taken that way.

Everyday in communications class my teacher dismisses us by saying, “love one another.”

Okay - thanks for the response, we appreciate and respect the FIRST community and try to deliver by being good role models, try to help everyone that needs it. Reminding everyone of the appropriate attitude can sometimes sound demanding, I think I understand the point you were trying to make, and I wanted everyone to be cautious in “telling” others what the appropriate behavior is vs. making accusations.
We love having so many people come to our website, but it’s difficult to try and keep peace and harmony when there is such a wide variety of opinions, thoughts, ideas, comments, etc. We try to encourage everyone to be respectful of each other while allowing everyone to post their thoughts. This site has evolved nicely into a place that provides alot of information to many teams - we are grateful that they come here. At times it seems less like Team 47’s site, than it does a FIRST community site - we are just the host of a great party! We thank everyone that regularly assists us in doing so - Andy, Ken, and many, many others - Thanks for posting and by the way, I think your teacher is wise.

At Buckeye, I was reacquainted with old teams and got to meet some cool rookie teams that put me into a state of awe at how perseveering they were. Much thanks to those teams who reminded us all that “Proffesional’s built the Titanic, Ametuer’s built the ark!” It is now time for all of teams, b/c none of us are rookies anymore, to re-teach the idea of FUN in FIRST. I had a great time in Ohio and with everybody’s gracious proffesionalism and respect for how hard each other team works we can have a blast in Florida. Let’s live up to the hype!