I realize there’s already another thread entitled “Cleveland Regional”, but I figured I’d start a new one using the official competition name.

Please use this thread to post any and all up-to-the-minute Buckeye Regional competition information.

I’m currently in Shanghai, China on Delphi business, and it’s killing me that I can’t be there with my team (48) in Cleveland. I’m hoping there will be a webcast that I can tap into (broadband in the hotel - woohoo!), but I haven’t heard anything concrete. Does anyone know anything about a webcast for this event?

I’d be so thankful to the CD community if you could periodically post some Buckeye status reports for the benefit of the community (and my sanity).

Go Team 48 and all the other teams competing in Cleveland!

(EDIT - For those kind souls wishing to go above and beyond the call of duty, I should be signed onto AIM from ~ 7 AM - 6 PM Thursday (Cleveland time) and from 7 AM Friday throughout the weekend til 6 PM Sunday.)

Thank you,

Well, that was exciting.
Rochester was looking strong there with two out of the three winners comming from the region and us, 211 MAK and 578 Blue Lightning getting awards as well.
279 and 67 we’re knockout bots. I can’t wait to see them again in Atlanta.
Thanks to all of the teams for the awards, we will cherish them. Hopefully we’ll be back again! :slight_smile:

yup, HOPEFULLY we’ll be back.
trying to get them to allow us to go and defend our title again… i want to go to two regionals since i’ll be a senior next year. :]

I would like to thank the following teams that helped us out at the Buckeye REgional last weekend.

279 - All the hours of program help that you gave to us. To bad it didn’t work

1038 - For the Drive Tran Help after 48 dystroyed it. :frowning: The pin works great and we just made a guard for our chain(thanks for the suggestion). Also the shrink wrap

48 - For the programing help, and the constant echoing in my head of “Stick and Pull, Stick and Pull” thanx guys

73 - For offering help with our programing

326 - FOr a great match against 306 and 1317

306 - For a challenge and our only win

Innovation First REp. for looking at our autonomous code

Cleaveland - For a great time in a rocking city