Buckeye Regional, You guys did awesome

I would just like to give a huge congrats to all the teams at teh buckeye regional. I saw some amazing robots for rookie teams and think that that is great, and want to wish you all good luck for nationals, I hope you will all be able to make it. At nationals, I want any team who need cheering for to come pay a visit to the X-CATS and we will get some peeps out their cheering for your team :)! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!! Oh yea, and I met some cool people. Karaoke at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was sooo much fun, if you want to hear the tapes JUST ASK! Ill bring them to nationals ahah they are so funny. Well thanks guys.

I would also like to congratulate all the teams that competed in Cleveland. It was a very fun and exciting regional, and though our robot (team 144) was not in the tournament, we felt we did an awesome job and had a great time :slight_smile: The team party was awesome and hopefully we’ll see you all at Nationals.

Yeah, Cleveland was my first FIRST event (haha) and I had a lot of fun. There were some exciting matches, but I didn’t get to see much as Pit Boss :frowning: