Buckeye thanks...

Buckeye was a blast, especially due to some of the following teams in no particular order…

48, Delphi Elite - A cross between Rocky and the Little Engine that Could, you guys battled adversity all weekend, conquered it and walked home with the crown, all the while supporting other teams and showing enthusiam levels few could match. Loved the match when you guys were paired with 2010, your little brothers! You guys ROCK!

291, the CIA - Loved hanging out with you guys and watching you hang while 48 and 378, the Robocats, were pounding on everyone. Another team with humility and excess enthusiasm!

1317, Digital Fusion - A team made up of home schooled kids scattered around Columbus with few, if any, mentors who are not also parents of the team members. Made it to the eliminations and took home the Xerox Creativity Award, you deserved it!

1126, the Sparx - Thank you for giving us all a clinic in how to hang! You had the baddest one in the house and deserved the GM Industrial Design Award!

1528, iPirates - Even without being able to move out of the home zone in the last three matches, your ramps just about got us a Championship! Deserves another You Guys ROCK!

1872, CSI Robotics - You came from Puerto Rico all the way to Cleveland with a BEAUTIFUL robot that was very good, 'nough said!

1743, The Short Circuits - You had an arm in Pittsburgh and ramps at Buckeye, WOW! I hereby nominate you for the FIRST “Transformer of the Season” award!

I’ll add to this rant later, after a little R&R - but first, I want to thank all of the teams in attendance, the home of Rock and Roll was the home of Rack and Roll this weekend because of all of you!

Some thanks to pass along to:

  • Teams Frog Force and Cat Attack (503 and 451), awesome fun we had getting all the way to semis. You guys were spectacular.

  • That random group of guys who were in all sorts of odd skirts and other crazy outfits, you guys made the weekend fun, seriously.

  • Every team that came to our pit and talked with us, along with the people who played hack with us at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, made the weekend a bit more fun and memorable.

  • Practically all the teams there, I have never been to a regional this great, seriously, being this is the first time we have been to Buckeye. The energy levels were incredible, and the competition was too fierce to measure on any scale.
    Thank you all, field crew, MC Dave, announcer Jondarr Bradshaw, Refs, Judges. Everyone was great…

And I sit here at my home desk, everything has returned back to that unwanted state of normal… :frowning:

der… life goes on


On behalf of team 48 Delphi E.L.I.T.E. I would like to second what Dan said.

To team 291, CIA, thanks for inviting us to join what would become a very powerful alliance.

To team 379, The Robocats, thanks for joining our alliance and for all of your work throughout elimination rounds.

To teams 1126, 1038, and 1528 thank you for being such great competitors, you really made us work for what we achieved this weekend, I couldn’t ask for a better opposing alliance.

Also a special thanks to 1038, thank you for the assistance in finding a solution to our issues with our treads, you truly are great competitors.

And finally to all teams who came and offered assistance (whether it was asking how you could help us, or just checking to see if we were alright, and if we needed any assistance) between matches thank you for your generosity, we greatly appreciate it.

…I almost forgot, a huge thank you to all volunteers, judges, and everyone who came together to make the Buckeye Regional what it was, and meeting the expectations that you set last year. Great job guys and gals.

There aren’t enough letters in the word “huge” to express the hugeness of the thanks I owe to Dave Campbell and the rest of team 1038. Without your support, materials, equipment, labor, and knowledge, we never would have made it through inspection. The Thunderhawks are an absolute class act (as they have been for as long as I’ve been in FIRST), and they helped to make sure that my students’ hard work was not for naught. Thank you also to Jeff from 191 and a mentor from 1676, both of whom helped us immensely during our transformation process.

i want to say thanks to 1038 and 1528. you guys where great to work with. i would love to know if the outcome would have been different if we had 3 fully functional bots. but oh well.

i also want to thank members from 340 n 424 for coming all the way to cleveland to cheer us on. that was so great!!!

congrats to 291, 48, and 379…great job

p.s. the announcer was JonnDar Bradshaw

I want to thank 48 for covering my behind and loaning me their recording of Day 1 and Buckeye because all my videos are blank.
I’m working on trying to get Day 2.

I want to say thanks to both Martian teams, 70 and 494, we had an awesome run in the finals. We took a big risk going without a ramp bot and it paid off in the first 3 matches. You guys (and girls) were a great group to work with and yes our autonomous rocked. Hope to see you guys in Atlanta.

Also congrats to both the Sparx alliance that beat us and the winning alliance!