Buckeye Webcast

Anyone reading this at the Buckeye Regional??? Tell the guy standing in front of NASA’s webcam to take a seat! We can’t see anything. They need to move the camera’s position. :wink:

KA-108 :cool:

Heck yeah!
The placement of the camera is terrible. Not to mention the quality of the audio.

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**Not to mention the quality of the audio. **

Good, we’re not the only ones with bad audio.


For some reason my firewall is allowing this one, but not the realplayer links… So I’m gonna have to settle for the cheap seats… :rolleyes:

Same here.

I guess the DJ doesn’t know he’s on the air??!!


I called the NASA Team at VCU… they’ll let the Buckeye Web team know what we are experiencing.



Great quote from the DJ: “What?! You mean people have been staring at my back this whole time? [bleep].”


Much better now!